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Take Shape For Life and Medifast

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She's Dead, Jim Jan. 13th, 2010 @ 08:24 pm
Oh well . . I was hoping to find a live medifast community. Guess I'll stick with http://mymedifast.com/

Medifast Meals Sep. 9th, 2009 @ 03:05 pm
Well I lost 11 lbs. so Far!   Its a start and I'm excited that I am finally going in the right direction.  I found a few deals on Food ($25 Off)!) and am ordering soon.  Which meals are your favorites?  Snacks? 
 Link to Medifast Coupons here: http://58coupons.com/stores/medifast-diet

What's your favorite Medifast food? Jul. 3rd, 2009 @ 03:16 am
It doesn't look like there's a lot of activity in here, but I thought I'd pop in and say hi. Maybe we can get some conversation going?

I've been off and on on the Medifast diet over the past two or three years. First time I lost a lot of weight quickly, and then gained it back. Second time I lost slower, but have managed to keep it off. Stil lhave a ways to go though, but it sure beats a lot of other diets! I've written up some reviews of Medifast foods since I think some of the stuff is really good and some really isn't. But everyone has different tastes. So what's your favorite Medifast food?

Hello all. May. 21st, 2009 @ 05:26 pm
Is this community still active?  If so, anyone from Dallas, TX by chance?  I'm basically looking for support and maybe even a walking buddy if I am so lucky as to find someone near me..
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labs back Mar. 16th, 2009 @ 11:24 am
I got blood work results back today, I am a diabetic and have been for several years. However after starting this on Jan. 3rd my diabetic blood work or AC1 came back as 6.1 , anything below 6 is not diabetic. my cholestrol is also back into safe/normal range.Cheated this weekend and gained back two pounds but back on 100% today.
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» new
I just started today is day three. I'm strugling in late afternoon and evening.Dealing with being hungary and slightly light headed but, oh my goodness am I crabby. Like PMS but that is NOT the issue.

» To optimal health
Hello everyone,
My name is Robert, I am a health coach with take shape for life and as of yesterday just started the 5 & 1 plan.


sex- male
height- 6' 7"
waist- 46"
mid upper arm 15"
mid thigh-24"
mid lower leg 14 1/2 "
mid forearm- 9 1/2"

goal weight-175

1st day 12/18/08
My body was super hungry all day long not to mention i was at a party with all kinds of high carb high sugar drink, pizza chicken tenders, pizza bites etc.. I consumed 140 oz water along with solving some prep complications with the soup due to the help of my health/business leader. Searching for lean and green meal plans.

2nd day 12/19/08
mild hunger pains about 1 hour after each meal and cravings for all kinds of food i saw. I became slightly exhausted and light headed. By the end of the day i felt much better, lots of energy and cravings are headed out the door.

If anyone has questions about medifest, take shape for life, or needs a free health coach/business coach feel free to contact me at my website
www.createoptimalhealth.tsfl.com or www.createoptimalhealth.tsfl.com/biz.

My health coach/business coach jack alt (www.jackalt.tsfl.com) was one of the first few people involved with take shape for life and has personally lost over 70 pounds and went of a few medications. Not to mention can out run me at 65 years old due to this company. feel free to contact us at anytime.
» (No Subject)
Anyone still active around here? Today was my first day of the full blown fast, it sucks, but I just keep envisioning that not-quite-so-round face ;) Anyways, just looking for people to commiserate with :)
» First post!
Hello everybody! My name is Cora, I'm from Maryland and I've been on Medifast since September 9th. My starting weight was 225, and already I'm at 212! I am so glad to see an LJ community based on this.

Now here's an idea. That message board on the website is terrible when it comes to navagatibility. So I have two questions:

1.) What are your favorite add-ins to your medifast meals? Do you have some not listed on the site, and if so what are they?

2.) What are some of your favorite Lean & Green recipes?

Don't just reply to this post; PLEASE make your own posts! Let's get this place active again!

I just learned that there's a kind of noodle, called Shirataki noodles, that you can use as a green part of your L&G. They listed it in the message boards. I'm going to try and get some this weekend and maybe have some spaghetti! Something I haven't had in WEEKS! I'll let you all know how good they are :)
» (No Subject)

I just started the medifast 5&1 plan, so i thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Paul, and I have 100+ pounds to lose. I'e been on the plan for 4 days and am having a bit of a shakly start. I do well withteh 5 part, but the 1 part is needing a little more attention and caution...but things are much better than they were before i started.

So, I just thought I'd say hello! :)
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