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To optimal health - Take Shape For Life and Medifast

About To optimal health

Previous Entry To optimal health Dec. 20th, 2008 @ 11:58 pm Next Entry
Hello everyone,
My name is Robert, I am a health coach with take shape for life and as of yesterday just started the 5 & 1 plan.


sex- male
height- 6' 7"
waist- 46"
mid upper arm 15"
mid thigh-24"
mid lower leg 14 1/2 "
mid forearm- 9 1/2"

goal weight-175

1st day 12/18/08
My body was super hungry all day long not to mention i was at a party with all kinds of high carb high sugar drink, pizza chicken tenders, pizza bites etc.. I consumed 140 oz water along with solving some prep complications with the soup due to the help of my health/business leader. Searching for lean and green meal plans.

2nd day 12/19/08
mild hunger pains about 1 hour after each meal and cravings for all kinds of food i saw. I became slightly exhausted and light headed. By the end of the day i felt much better, lots of energy and cravings are headed out the door.

If anyone has questions about medifest, take shape for life, or needs a free health coach/business coach feel free to contact me at my website
www.createoptimalhealth.tsfl.com or www.createoptimalhealth.tsfl.com/biz.

My health coach/business coach jack alt (www.jackalt.tsfl.com) was one of the first few people involved with take shape for life and has personally lost over 70 pounds and went of a few medications. Not to mention can out run me at 65 years old due to this company. feel free to contact us at anytime.
Current Mood: accomplished
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